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Holiday Programs

The June and December holidays are a great time to learn life skills that can often be more vital than the academic ones! Parent involvement is highly valued :>


Drop us a line to indicate interest or ask a question anytime! 


Conversationally Speaking™


Conversationally Speaking teaches children to start, sustain and terminate conversations, how to identify friends, to negotiate, be assertive, when to join in
a conversation and more. Designed for children from primary two onwards, Conversationally Speaking™ programs are conducted at varying levels, to suit
the language profile of each participant.


Functional Breathing


Learn evidence-based methods that improves breathing and supports learning. Many children with low muscle tone tend to mouth breathe. Studies have shown the correlation between mouth breathing and:

  • blocked nose

  • crooked teeth

  • general exhaustion     

  • learning difficulties

  • poor attention

  • poor memory

  • sleep apnea

  • snoring

  • tongue protrusion

  • unclear speech and more


Find out more:

• Right to

Your Breath is Your Brain’s Remote Control


Play to Learn


Tap into your child's instinct to play and develop language at the phrase, sentence and paragraph levels. 

Studies have shown improved pretend play skills at ages 3 and 4 predict better language skills at ages 8 and 9. The more varied and flexible a child's pretend play is, the more advanced the critical thinking skills will be at ages 8 and 9.                   


Find out more:

Encouraging Pretend Play in Children with Social Communication Difficulties

National Institute for Play

The Benefits of Play for Adults


SOS® Approach to Feeding


Developed by Psychologist, Dr Kay Toomey and SLP, Dr Erin Ross for picky eaters and problem feeders. This is a systematic desensitisation program that considers each child's sensory processing profile while encouraging self-feeding. Children have fun making their own meals and playing with their food. No utensils allowed, all fingers on board! 


This program requires a pre-program assessment.


Find out more:

S.O.S® Approach to Feeding




In Worry-Less™, all emotions are acceptable and there is no guilt or judgment. This program was developed in-house to meet a rising demand to help children and teenagers cope with anxiety, worries and/or anger. 

Evidence-based methods and mindfulness techniques are taught to identify strong emotions, how they affect our bodies, what strong emotions are about and how we can label, talk back to our thoughts and problem-solve.


Do to Learn™


Get crafting to improve organisation, fine motor coordination, visual-spatial skills and more! Bite-sized lessons are designed for children who thrive on structure and think they are "no good at art" or "not creative". Children learn that mistakes are part of the process that can lead to discoveries while exploring various media.

"I think there's an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us." 

~ Bob Ross

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