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Growth Mindset

Our mindsets shift with the information we receive every day as we interact with the world. Whether through work, play or the media, the information we are exposed to shapes the way we learn, our beliefs and opinions, and how we express ourselves.


Having a growth mindset is about cultivating a love for learning and exploring diverse challenges. It is a life-long experience that leads to increased self confidence, self-esteem and happiness. The more we learn, the more our children and the people around us will benefit!

Learn about Growth Mindset

Article 1:
Set Your Brain Up for Success?

“Growth mindset” has been bandied around for years, but what does it really mean? Is it really that life-changing?

Sample Talks and Workshops

We are happy to tailor talks to the needs of your organisation. To find out about any of the following, please feel free to contact us. All talks can be customised to members of the public or educators. 

• Helping Late Talkers (2-4 hours)

• Feeding Difficulties: A Sensory Approach (1 hour)

• Helping Children Better Understand Spoken Language (1-2 hours)

• The Links between Play, Language and Literacy (2 hours)

• Make the Most of Book Reading (3 hours)

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